Economical, Durable & Beautiful

Indiana Cut Stone is a leading provider of thin veneer Indiana Limestone because of our reputation for delivering high quality stone and offering outstanding customer service.

Indiana Cut Stone’s natural thin stone veneer is available in three stately finishes to give your project a polished look.

Indiana Limestone Smooth Veneer

Smooth Veneer

The least textural of the standard finishes and presents minimum surface interruption. A smooth finish is a popular limestone finish. Terms associated with a smooth finish are often called out as planer, honed, grinder, machine, bugged or circular sanded.

Indiana Limestone Split-faced Veneer

Split-faced Veneer

This finish is rough, uneven, concave-convex finish applied to Indiana limestone. The rough natural appearance creates maximum light and shadow contrast. It is used for residential and commercial buildings alike on both interior and exterior to emphasize horizontal lines and create a massive appearance.

Indiana Limestone Tumbled Veneer

Tumbled Veneer

Our classic tumbled stone is a perennial favorite for both residential and commercial customers. The gentle tumbled stone treatment imparts a unique and individualized character upon every stone. This natural finish elevates and refines every project with its natural beauty.

Achieve the look you want and the durability you need with the advantages of a lower shipping cost, faster install times and greater flexibility. Whether your installation is a new structure or part of a renovation project, thin cut natural stone is the ideal material when weight or space limitations are an issue. Because it requires no footings and has a thin profile, it serves as an excellent material for facing interiors or exteriors. It is installed in the same manner as manufactured stone, but you receive all the benefits of natural stone without the higher cost of full bed depth stone.

Thin veneer can also be used in conjunction with full veneer stone. For example, if full veneer is used on the exterior foundation walls, the exact same product in a thin veneer can be used for chimney chases, gable ends, dormers above the roof line, and interior fireplaces where a lighter weight stone may be required.

Indiana Limestone Residential Veneer

Thin Limestone Veneer for Home Construction

The use of natural materials is a highly desirable feature of the exterior of the home. Thin veneers will enhance the exterior envelope of your house and are comparable in weight, price and installation to artificial “cultured” stone. Thin limestone veneer adds a timeless elegance to the interior and exterior of homes worldwide. Indiana limestone is affordable, easy to maintain and durable.

Indiana Cut Stone is proud to supply residences throughout the United States and the world with gorgeous, high-quality Indiana limestone that will increase curb appeal and make the home a joy to live in for generations to come.

Indiana Cut Stone is proud to supply residences throughout the United States and the world with gorgeous, high-quality Indiana limestone that will increase curb appeal and make the home a joy to live in for generations to come.

Indiana Limestone Commercial Veneer

Thin Limestone Veneer for Commercial & Public Construction

Thin limestone veneer is an economical, durable, low-maintenance solution for commercial and civic construction projects. Thin veneer solutions offer the appearance of full bed-depth stone with the benefits of a lighter stone that is less expensive to ship and easier and faster to install.


  • Low maintenance
  • 100% natural, without artificial colors or aggregate
  • Less raw material
  • Lighter material makes shipping less expensive, especially over long distances
  • Averages 10-15 pounds per square foot, allowing 3,000 square feet of stone per truckload
  • Less weight makes the panels faster and easier to install, allowing masons to install thin veneer approximately 50% faster compared to full veneer
  • May be installed over existing masonry
  • May be installed without a footing or foundation, reducing engineering costs because fewer structural reinforcements are required
  • May be installed on walls that are non-load bearing or in tight areas where full veneer is not practical, such as chimney cases, dormer windows, or gable ends

What is thin veneer?

Thin veneer is a thin, lightweight material that is applied directly to a solid facing. Natural thin limestone veneer must weigh 15 pounds or less per square foot to meet the Uniform Building Code’s (UBC) requirements for thin veneer. Thin veneer is ideal for projects with limited space and budgets. Thin limestone veneer allows architects to achieve the feeling of permanence and elegance that only natural stone can provide, while remaining within budget and on schedule.

Indiana Limestone Thin Veneer