Free Sample of Indiana Limestone

Indiana Cut Stone provides free samples of Indiana Limestone so that you can see in person the beautiful color, texture and quality of our natural stone

We provide two samples in each box. The samples are free but there is a $15 shipping charge for each shipment. You may select the color and finish you want. Please use this PayPal form to process your shipping fees for the box of two samples.

When ordering PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU SELECT the appropriate limestone colors and textures you want your samples to be by using the drop down selectors just below this text.

You may select TWO samples and both will be sent for one charge of $15. Please ensure you select two samples of a different color or surface texture.

Stone Sample Order Form

Be sure to select a Color & Texture for each sample below.

Stone Sample #1 Color

Stone Sample #1 Surface Texture

Stone Sample #2 Color

Stone Sample #2 Surface Texture