Advantages of Limestone in Construction

Indiana limestone has many advantages, including affordability, durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency and a subtly varied natural beauty that is unmatched. Indiana Cut Stone is proud to provide premier quality Indiana limestone products for construction projects worldwide.

Limestone’s classic beauty and durability have made it an enduring and popular choice in construction worldwide. Indiana limestone is well-known as the highest grade, premium limestone on the market, and has been used in world-famous residential and commercial construction projects including the Empire State Building, National Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, campus buildings on many of the nation’s college campuses, Tennessee State Capitol, Biltmore Estate, and more

Indiana Cut Stone’s decades of working with Indiana limestone has helped residential and commercial construction projects nationwide come to life. Indiana limestone is quarried in Lawrence, Monroe and Owen counties, cut into blocks and carved to be used as veneer, exterior elements, and decorative enhancements. Indiana limestone is also long-lasting and stands up well to exposure, adapting to the elements. Indiana limestone provides lasting durability and architectural craftsmanship to a variety of large or small residential, commercial and public construction projects.

With more than 20 years of hands-on experience as professional rock artisans, Indiana Cut Stone has provided building materials for commercial construction and renovation of:
  • State & federal structures
  • Memorials
  • Churches & cathedrals
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Retail stores
  • Medical facilities
  • Universities & campuses

Indiana Limestone Adds Elegance to Residential Construction

The fabricating professionals at Indiana Cut Stone are endorsed experts in applying Indiana limestone as integral building products in residential construction Indiana limestone has been used nationwide as an all-natural, energy-efficient building material in construction, trim work, and exterior renovations for:

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Senior housing
  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-family housing
  • National Historic Register Homes

Limestone Hardscaping Features

Indiana limestone’s distinctive versatility also makes it an ideal building material for outdoor hardscape features for residential and institutional projects including:

  • Apartments
  • Path & walkway pavers
  • Gardens
  • Bridges
  • Fountains
  • Pools
  • Bell towers
  • Monuments
  • Memorials
  • Indiana Limestone Steps & Treads

Custom-cut Limestone for Any Project

Indiana Cut Stone’s fabrication process allows customers the flexibility of choosing building products that fit a range of construction and hardscape budgets. Indiana limestone can be cost-effectively cut and fit to meet any size construction specification and building requirement. Our state-of the-art fabrication equipment and expert Indiana limestone artisans provide high-quality building materials to meet project timelines and budgets.

Modern Design Using Indiana Limestone

The beauty, stability and natural color variegation of Indiana limestone has led to its emergence as a preferred material in modern and postmodern architecture. There are many movements, schools of design and architectural styles that make up “modern” architecture but all of them can benefit from the visual appeal brought by the color and natural variegation of Indiana limestone. Indiana limestone also offers compelling LEED benefits in building design and construction, making it the logical choice for many projects.

State-of-the-art milling technology, coupled with the natural characteristics of Indiana limestone, allow it to be fabricated in new and interesting shapes. Modern design elements fabricated from Indiana limestone come together visually in a manner that no man made material can match. Indiana Cut Stone is the leader in providing high quality, cut and dressed stone for modern design projects.

Indiana Limestone is a Timeless Choice for Traditional Architecture

Indiana limestone has been a favorite material for building architects utilizing classical design in North America for almost two centuries. The first commercial quarry was started in 1827 near Stinesville, Indiana. As the expansion of railroad networks continued through the nineteenth century, demand for Indiana limestone for use in traditional building veneer, trim and accents skyrocketed. It remains a preferred choice in historic and iconic projects across North America to this day.

Indiana limestone has graced countless stately civic monuments such as the interior walls and columns of the Lincoln Memorial, the nation’s top universities and other well-known buildings throughout the world, lending them a sense of permanence and stability that only this stunning natural stone can give. Indiana Limestone’s popularity is derived from its inherent characteristics: natural product, aesthetic beauty, ease of fabrication, long lasting durability and fire resistance. This unmatched list of benefits makes it the logical choice for a wide range of classically designed architectural projects.

Long-lasting Appeal

Aesthetically, Indiana limestone provides diversity in color, texture and grade in its natural and buffed states. Buff can range from warm, creamy neutrals to cool, blue and silver grays. The range in surface appearance makes Indiana limestone an exemplary choice for architectural trim work, including ledges, sills, quoins, coping, caps, quoins, banding, keystones, and surface and edge finishes. Indiana limestone’s coloring provides a complementary characteristic to other building materials including wood, slate, brick, marble, veneers, river rock, and faux stones.

Along with beauty, Indiana limestone offers durability that can last for generations, and can be easily repaired and added to for new construction, as needed, over the years. This helps facilitate long-term planning and cost savings over several decades for commercial and residential construction projects.

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