Most Popular Indiana Limestone Products

Indiana limestone is a popular natural stone building material because of its beauty, durability, and timeless elegance. Many of our clients such as general contractors, masons and landscaping firms find that our standard size limestone products add affordable luxury to any product and make the ordering and installation process easy. Some of our most popular limestone products include pier caps, coping, thin veneer, smooth thin veneer, wall caps and steppers.


Indiana Limestone Banding

Limestone banding (also known as string coursing) acts as a transition piece in masonry construction. It is an economical way to add both style and elegance to any brick or stonework structure.

Indiana Cut Stone’s limestone banding is designed to integrate with common brick sizes to achieve visual harmony and to make installation simple and easy. Indiana limestone is the perfect banding material due to its unique beauty, stately sophistication and durability. We offer several styles of banding to add subtle, sophisticated detail to your masonry structure.

Indiana Limestone Bullnose Banding
Bullnose Banding
Indiana Limestone Double Bullnose Banding
Double Bullnose Banding
Indiana Limestone Classic Banding
Classic Banding
Indiana Limestone Single Chamfered Banding
Single Chamfered Banding
Indiana Limestone Double Chamfered Banding
Double Chamfered Banding
Indiana Limestone Natural Rock Face Banding
Natural Rock Face Banding

Door & Window Surrounds

Indiana Limestone Door & Window Surrounds

Surround your windows and doors with the beauty, elegance and durability of Indiana Limestone.

Door and window surrounds are the framework that surrounds windows and doors and offer a great opportunity to visually set your building apart from the crowd. Limestone door and window surrounds add a formal flair to any masonry structure. The style of the building determines the ideal type of surround that will best fit the design and intent of the architect. Indiana Cut Stone provides contemporary modern design as well as classic traditional surrounds to fit any project need.

Limestone Door & Window Heads & Jambs

Indiana Cut Stone’s precisely cut door and window jambs and heads provide protection from the elements while enhancing the style of your building’s façade. Our traditional and modern door and window heads combine beautifully with our jambs, jack arches and sills to provide a complete door and window surround that adds distinction to your building.

Custom Limestone Door & Window Surrounds

Indiana Cut Stone can custom cut your door and window surrounds to fit and complement any size opening. Whether you choose simple or complex window and door surrounds, our Indiana Limestone will increase your building’s visual appeal and provide long-lasting protection from water damage.

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Jack Arches

Indiana Limestone Jack Arches

Jack arches, also known as flat or straight arches, are a beautiful and functional architectural element that add elegance and distinction to any style of building.

Beautifully cut limestone jack arches provide support at masonry openings and add interest to any window or door surround. These building elements are a very cost-effective way to reflect the personal style of your project. Jack arches are designed for either two- or three-piece installation. When combined with jambs and a sill, jack arches make a stunning statement.

We offer your choice of standard or custom cut limestone jack arches to complement your structure.

Indiana Limestone Classic Jack Arches
Classic Jack Arch

The flat planes of this classic jack arch offer minimalistic elegance to your entryway or window.

Indiana Limestone Shadow Box Jack Arches
Shadow Box Jack Arch

The center part of the shadow box jack arch is recessed, adding definition and visual interest without overpowering the façade.

Indiana Limestone Chamfered Jack Arches
Chamfered Jack Arch

The lightly chamfered edges of this jack arch add a subtle sophistication and make an easy visual transition to the surrounding masonry.


Indiana Limestone Keystones

Our Indiana limestone keystones provide a subtle visual impact that adds elegance and distinction to commercial and residential structures.

Keystones, also known as capstones, originated as the final wedge-shaped piece that held together a stone arch. As the final piece placed during the construction of the arch, it locks the surrounding stones into place and provides the structural stability to bear the weight of the wall itself. Today, keystones are still used in that manner or can be used individually as an accent piece above any window or door opening. Adding a keystone gives a clean, polished look to any commercial or residential structure.

Standard Keystones

Indiana Cut Stone offers several common keystone styles and sizes for your project.

Indiana Limestone Classic Keystones
Classic Keystone

Smooth straight lines define this simple but elegant keystone.

Indiana Limestone Shadow Box Keystone
Shadow Box Keystone

The front face of this keystone is gently indented to provide subtle sophistication.

Indiana Limestone Chamfered Keystones
Chamfered Keystone

The edges of this keystone are delicately chamfered to add interest.

Custom Limestone Keystones

If your building has a special architectural design that requires a custom keystone with unique features, Indiana Cut Stone can help. Our expert stonemasons will craft your limestone keystone with special care to achieve the desired effect.

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Indiana Limestone Pavers

Limestone pavers add timeless elegance to any outdoor space. Add distinction to your property with our beautifully cut limestone path and walkway pavers.

Indiana limestone pavers are the perfect choice for many outdoor spaces due to limestone’s timeless beauty as well as its ability to weather well and provide traction for foot traffic even under wet conditions. Limestone pavers are low maintenance, long-lasting and are the perfect marriage of modern, clean lines with traditional materials. Indiana Cut Stone offers limestone pavers in a variety of colors, cuts and textures to suit your next patio, pool, terrace or walkway project.

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Pier Caps

Indiana Limestone Pier Caps

Our genuine limestone caps are available in popular rock face or square edge finishes, and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Indiana Cut Stone’s pier caps provide the perfect trim piece for stone and brick. Available in 2-1/4″ and 3″ thicknesses and a variety of lengths and widths to meet your needs, our limestone caps are available in rock face or square edge finishes. Stone caps are the perfect complement to your design and provide the finishing touch to any outdoor space.

We offer limestone pier caps in the following colorways:

Full Color Blend (FCB)

A combination of buff and gray with an eye pleasing, organic mix of the two colors.


Light to medium shades of gray with interesting veining and grain movement visible in the face and fine to medium grained stone.

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Pool Coping

Indiana Limestone Pool Coping

Genuine limestone pool coping is naturally beautiful, functional, and stays cooler to the touch in the hot sun.

Durable and cool to the touch, few materials are as versatile, consistent, and visually stunning as our pool coping. Our limestone pool coping is easily trimmed to fit in the field and tough enough to stand the test of time. Indiana limestone is naturally “grippy” even when wet, so it’s the perfect choice for the poolside.

Produced in both standard gray and full color blend with standard thickness of 2-1/4″ or 3″, widths of 12″ or 16″, and standard lengths of 4′.

Full Color Blend (FCB)

A combination of buff and gray in an unspecified percentage mix.


Light to medium shades of gray with some veining and grain movement visible in the face and fine to medium grained stone.

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Indiana Limestone Quions

Quoins, pronounced like “coins,” are masonry blocks that establish and define the corner of a stone or brick wall visually while adding structural support. Both the corner and the stones that create the corner may be referred to as a quoin.

In modern architecture, quoins add visual weight and presence to a building, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Indiana limestone is an ideal choice for quoins, often appearing in an alternating tooth pattern that helps to define and refine the vertical elements of a building. Quoins can be installed one on top of the other or divided by another form of exterior cladding. Simple and classic, quoins create a wonderful visual contrast to masonry veneer.

Indiana Cut Stone provides standard and custom quoins in many different styles to suit your project, including:

Indiana Limestone Classic Quoin
Classic Quoin
Indiana Limestone Classic 2 Piece Quoin
Classic 2 Piece Quoin
Indiana Limestone Classic 2 Piece Mitered Quoin
Classic 2 Piece Mitered Quoin
Indiana Limestone Double Chamfered Quoin
Double Chamfered Quoin
Indiana Limestone Double Chamfered 2 Piece Quoin
Double Chamfered 2 Piece Quoin


Indiana Limestone Sills

Limestone sills are the most popular natural stone sills used in North America. Sills made of Indiana limestone are the product of choice below window or door openings to protect against water damage, or as an accent band within a masonry field.

Indiana Cut Stone limestone sills will add the classic limestone complement to your architectural design. Available in both gray and full color blend, you can choose between a smooth or rock face finish.

Indiana Cut Stone Limestone Sill Stock

Limestone sills are produced as a simple rectangular shape from fabrication facility run quality Indiana limestone. Our limestone sills have a diamond sawn finish and come in three standard course heights of 2-1/4”, 3”, or 4”. We offer standard sill depths from 4-1/2” to 24”. Each sill comes jointed to a standard length of 4’, 6’, or 8’. Our limestone sills are offered with smooth edges or machine pitched along one long edge. A drip edge can also be added as needed. Slip sills are the same width as the masonry opening, while lug sills project out from the window allowing for installation of a full surround.

Indiana Cut Stone’s extensive inventory and short fabrication lead time makes it easy to add and/or carry Indiana Cut Stone sills to enhance your masonry product line and complete your classic limestone offering.

Limestone Thin Veneer Sills

Limestone thin veneer sills are rapidly becoming the preferred product for use with all types of thin stone veneers. Made from the same fabrication facility run quality limestone, our thin stone sills provide the perfect finishing touch for any thin stone veneer project. Our thin veneer sills come standard in a 2-1/4” course height, 2-1/2” depth, and 4’ length. Available in a smooth finish.

Wall Caps

Indiana Limestone Wall Caps

Our limestone wall caps provide a strong accent to your brick or stone wall design. In addition to adding aesthetic appeal and polish to walls, wall caps are very cost-effective and can add structural integrity to the wall while protecting the structure from harsh weather conditions.

Indiana Cut Stone’s genuine limestone wall caps are available in a variety of depths and feature a smooth or rock face finish. We have a short fabrication lead time, making it easy to add or carry Indiana Cut Stone wall caps to enhance your masonry product line and complete your limestone product offering. Indiana Cut Stone wall caps are available in 2-1/4″ and 3″ thicknesses. Available in both gray and full color blend, you can choose between several finishes to create your desired look.

We offer wall caps in a variety of popular styles, including:
Indiana Limestone Bullnose Wall Caps
Bullnose Wall Cap
Indiana Limestone Classic Wall Caps
Classic Wall Cap
Indiana Limestone Double Wash Wall Caps
Double Wash Wall Cap
Indiana Limestone Natural Rock Face Wall Caps
Natural Rock Face Wall Cap
Indiana Limestone Rounded Wall Caps
Rounded Wall Cap
Indiana Limestone Vintage Profile Wall Caps
Vintage Profile Wall Cap

Limestone wall caps are offered in the following colors:

Full Color Blend (FCB)

A combination of buff and gray in an unspecified percentage mix.


Light to medium shades of gray with some veining and grain movement visible in the face and fine to medium grained stone.

Wall Caps Tech Sheet

Water Tables

Indiana Limestone Water Tables

Indiana Cut Stone provides Indiana limestone water tables to beautify and protect your commercial, residential or civic structure. We ship worldwide.

Water tables project out from the face of a building to deflect water. In addition to this protective function, water tables are a very powerful building element which makes a strong statement. They typically transition to window sills or banding and provide a streamlined look to any project. Easy to maintain and durable, Indiana limestone water tables are built to last.

We offer several styles of water table to suit a variety of contemporary, modern and traditional styles:

Indiana Limestone Classic Water Tables
Classic Water Table
Indiana Limestone Double Chamfered Water Tables
Double Chamfered Water Table
Indiana Limestone Single Chamfered Water Tables
Single Chamfered Water Table
Indiana Limestone Ogee Water Tables
Ogee Water Table
Full Color Blend (FCB)

A combination of buff and gray in an unspecified percentage mix.


Light to medium shades of gray with some veining and grain movement visible in the face and fine to medium grained stone.