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At Indiana Cut Stone, we work with each individual client to determine the exact purpose and presentation our native Indiana limestone will play in a construction project. Our staff of skilled stone professionals helps clients in any way they need, especially in configuring technical data around the stone that plays an important role in the success and speed of a project.

General Information About Indiana Limestone

Technical Limestone Experts

We can suggest color, classifications, how-to videos, types of limestone, finishes, publications, newsletters, installation guides and provide samples of our product as you make important decisions on the project. Indiana Cut Stone is easy to reach with any questions or concerns you may have in reviewing our technical resources.

Our team takes pride in providing high-quality natural limestone products to our clients throughout the world. The Indiana limestone industry has a long history of excellence, setting the standard in form, function, beauty and durability.

Experience the Indiana Cut Stone way of business, built on tradition and experience by our family to yours.