The Indiana Limestone Leader

Indiana Cut Stone has been in the business of limestone fabrication for over two decades and provides reliable, professional suggestions on the use of stone in a project. We enjoy sharing stone design ideas and providing different profile options in using traditional and modern elements. Our product catalog will lead you in the right direction for the type of stone each specific project requires.

Indiana Cut Stone Limestone Fabricator

World-class Limestone Fabrication & Design Expertise

Our stone products have been used worldwide in construction projects of all sizes. Indiana Cut Stone’s masonry work is highly regarded and can be recognized at many colleges and universities, medical and office buildings, hospitals, residential facilities, houses of worship, and more. We have been honored to help memorialize our fallen soldiers and other heroes whose names have been forever etched in our limestone. Every day, Indiana Cut Stone’s work welcomes people who walk through the doors of many esteemed institutions.

Indiana Cut Stone’s experience in working with limestone is helpful to any project scope that may have questions or need assistance. Limestone should be considered for its many benefits, including durability, resiliency, elegance, stateliness, and beauty. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of the limestone industry with our loyal Indiana Cut Stone customers.