Discover the Benefits of Indiana Limestone

Our beautiful Oolitic Limestone adds character and distinction to any project. The subtle variations in color and texture add interest to any structure or space.

Benefits of Limestone

Durable. Long-lasting. Beautiful.

These are all terms typically used to describe Indiana limestone. For centuries, this natural sedimentary bedrock, composed of calcite and aragonite, has been featured in residential and commercial construction projects around the world.

As respected limestone fabricators in its industry, Indiana Cut Stone is dedicated to showcasing limestone’s aesthetic and versatile building construction qualities. Whether you need limestone window trim, pool coping, balustrades, thin veneer wall panels or a custom carved monument, Indiana limestone imparts a feeling of permanence and sophistication to your structure.

Indiana Limestone Complements its Surroundings

Whether you are using Indiana Limestone as veneer or trim with brick or other materials, or to maintain the context of the surrounding area, its natural beauty will enhance your project.

Indiana limestone has a natural beauty and permanence that harmonizes with surrounding buildings and feels like a natural extension of its environment. Limestone can add an elegant trim that elevates and enhances a structure, or it can be the dominant feature in a monument or building. Wherever Indiana limestone is used, its subtle texture complements its surroundings without visually overpowering the space.

Versatile Limestone

Limestone’s Versatility is Unmatched

Limestone has the strength, resilience and beauty to be the primary feature of a building, or it can add sophistication to brick structures as trimwork, sills, keystones, coping, and more.

Indiana limestone is superbly workable, able to be carved or shaped to fit the needs of any project, large or small. Despite its workability, limestone is extremely durable and its appearance actually improves with age.

Indiana limestone has provided a sense of timeless elegance throughout the world in a variety of different settings, from prestigious universities and magnificent churches, to monuments and other diverse buildings such as Yankee Stadium, the Pentagon and the Empire State Building. Limestone is a timeless material that looks natural in both the most modern architectural spaces as well as traditional seats of education and government.

Consistent Limestone

Indiana Limestone has Consistent Color and Texture

Indiana limestone has an extremely consistent texture and color for a natural stone. Indiana limestone’s consistent coloring and grain makes it a perfect choice not only for new structures but also when matching existing stone for renovation projects that may take place decades after the original structure was built. Because there is no obvious veining or pattern, limestone is easy to apply and typically requires no pattern matching during construction.

Limestone has Superior Durability & Timeless Elegance

Indiana limestone is the stone of choice for buildings that will last for generations. Limestone’s perpetual beauty is immune to fads in architectural design and construction, and buildings utilizing the material continue to appear fresh and distinctive decades after they were constructed. The consistency and reliability of the color, appearance and texture of Indiana limestone means that similar stone can be located decades after a building was initially constructed, making additions and renovations easy and painless.

Unlike other building materials, Indiana limestone is easy to maintain, without the need for sealers or treatments. It ages gracefully, becoming more stately and pleasing as the years go by. Limestone is very structurally sound, maintaining its strength and beauty for a century or more.

Durable & Elegant Limestone

Limestone is Affordable & Low Maintenance

Indiana Cut Stone provides the highest quality limestone at an economical price. Limestone’s natural ability to age gracefully without the need for additives or sealants make this natural stone trouble-free and cost-effective over time.

Affordable & Low Maintenance Limestone