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Indiana Limestone Services

At Indiana Cut Stone, we know Indiana limestone is the ideal material for both indoor and outdoor applications. We provide stone services for commercial construction as well as residential, including homes, out buildings, stone walls, staircases, boat houses, pool areas and landscaping. An integrated design of the property with Indiana limestone used throughout the project creates a look that is simply magnificent and one-of-a-kind..

Our stone is custom-manufactured for every project, and we provide guidance to architects and contractors who want the best stone for their project. Our team of experts assists with selecting the color, grade and surface finish that best display the characteristics of our beautiful Indiana limestone products.

Indiana Cut Stone specializes in full bed depth and thin veneer building stone. We offer a Classic line of smooth veneer available in modular units as well as Classic Indiana Limestone Split Face and Tumbled Stone. Our Split Face and Tumbled stone also come in a thin veneer product at 1 ¼” thick. Additionally, Indiana Cut Stone offers a full line of complementary standard product finished goods and landscape materials. Our genuine Indiana Limestone sills, treads, caps, and landscape products are the perfect element to offset brick, stone, and many other building materials.

As part of our services, we bid and ship cut-and-dressed Indiana limestone worldwide. We are experienced with the customs’ procedures and overseas shipping details required to ship our stone anywhere in the world.