Order Process Indiana Limestone

Our Ordering Process

Thank you for the opportunity to provide architectural Indiana limestone for your next project. It is our pleasure to service your project to the best of our ability.

Indiana Limestone ordering process

Once we receive your plans or request for pricing, we will work quickly and efficiently to deliver our best pricing to you. We will deliver our quotation via email or fax, whichever you prefer.

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First is the shop drawing process. Our drafting team works closely with the contractor and/or architect to ensure even the smallest of details are addressed. This process is vital to the progress of your project and will eliminate potential job site or installation issues. Once the shop drawings have been completed, we will transmit these to you electronically (or hard copy if you are unable to print). These should then be forwarded to the architect or responsible party for approval or any necessary dimension changes.

Should you email the approved shop drawings back, they should go to The detailer who sent them. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FOLLOW UP VIA TELEPHONE CALL TO ENSURE THEY HAVE BEEN RECEIVED. If there is no follow Up phone call, we will not be held responsible should the drawings be Overlooked sitting in an email inbox. We receive many emails in a given Day and this follow up phone call is very important and will ensure There are no delays releasing the material for fabrication.

On a larger project, sequencing is a very important factor in scheduling the fabrication of your project. This information is vital to making sure you get what you need in the order in which you need it. Typically, the sequencing should be received with the final approved shop drawings.

As equally important, smaller projects over one semi load should also have a sequence submitted so as not to cause delay in fabrication and delivery of your project.

Upon receipt of the final stamped up approved drawings, we then generate shop tickets that will be released into the mill for fabrication. Delivery for your initial load will be within the time frame indicated on our proposal. Once delivery begins, we can confirm that it will progress throughout the duration of the setting and fixing period.

Our goal is that you are 100% satisfied with your natural stone product. We want to earn your business and your trust.

Indiana Cut Stone accepts the following forms of payment: Company check, cashier’s check, VISA / MASTERCARD / DISCOVER and ACH payments. Upon receipt of completed credit application, Indiana Cut Stone will commence credit checks with banking and trade references listed on the credit application. Indiana Cut Stone reserves the right to alter terms of payment based upon results of the credit check. In some instances, Indiana Cut Stone may require a percentage deposit or letter of credit from Buyer’s banking institution prior to shop drawing or ticket submittal for approval and/or fabrication of stone.

If paid by company or cashier’s check within 10 days from the date of the invoice, Buyer may deduct a 2% early payment discount. Any debit/credit card transaction will be processed on the date of shipment and no discounts are applicable for this payment method.

Payment terms for all products sold hereunder shall be made by Buyer to Indiana Cut Stone within 30 days after the date of the invoice. Past due payments shall bear a service charge of 1.5% per month or the maximum allowable interest rate under applicable law, whichever is greater.

All amounts due: Indiana Cut Stone is due without relief from valuation or appraisement laws and with attorney’s fees if placed with an attorney for collection. Payment shall not be contingent upon completion or acceptance of any work in any building, structure or project nor upon final acceptance by any inspector, general contractor or owner. Indiana Cut Stone is a material supplier only and not subject to any percentage retention otherwise applicable.

If Buyer fails to make payment to Indiana Cut Stone as required herein, then Indiana Cut Stone may at its option withhold subsequent deliveries or require payment in cash or security before making any further deliveries.

We ship to job sites all over the world. Larger orders located in North America are shipped via flatbed semi and smaller orders shipped via LTL common carrier or on one of our straight trucks. Overseas orders are containerized and shipped via truck, rail and ship to the ultimate destination. Orders being shipped overseas need to allow at least an additional four weeks in their schedule for shipping time and customs clearance.

In any case, we ship by the most economical method that ensures the proper handling and arrival of your natural stone order. All of our orders are palletized, strapped and shrink wrapped to properly secure and protect your order. Once this process is completed, we will contact you to arrange a delivery date.

Information we will need to make delivery:
• job site contact and phone number
• Directions to the job site and any instructions our driver may need
• Location of delivery point at the job site

Each shipment will include:
• Two packing lists on each pallet which indicate the specific pieces on said pallet
• Bill of Lading indicating the number of pallets received. Please make notations of any damage which may have occurred during transit on this document.

Please note that you will be responsible for unloading at the job site. Generally, a forklift is the best equipment to use for this. Advise us of any delays that may come up on your project so we can make adjustments in the shipping schedule if needed.