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Indiana Cut Stone is a leading provider of thin veneer Indiana Limestone because of our reputation for delivering high quality stone and offering outstanding customer service.

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Thin veneer Indiana Limestone is an increasingly popular choice by the construction industry. The primary reason for this is that while the material maintains the beautiful appearance of full bed depth stone it is thinner and lighter. The thin aspect of the product saves money for several reasons: it uses less raw material to mill, it is less expensive to ship because of the lower weight and it is also faster and easier to install. While there are are differences in the installation procedures between thin veneer and full bed depth stone, visually they are identical. It's use is highly preferable to artificial "cultured" stones because of its natural variability in color and texture adds sophistication to the finished project's appearance.

A thin veneer is any lightweight, thin surface material that can be applied directly to a solid facing. In contrast to full-dimension stone masonry, which ranges upwards of four inches in depth, natural thin stone veneer averages in thickness from 3/4-inch to 1-1/4 inches, and must weigh 15 pounds or less per square foot as mandated by the Uniform Building Code (UBC). The elimination of a load-bearing foundation requirement equates to less engineering costs because of the reduction of structural reinforcements required. Thin stone veneer is ideal for areas that cannot support a heavy load, and it is a viable alternative for projects with limited space. Typically, thin veneer is sold in flat and corner pieces to provide flexibility in design and authenticity in aesthetics, as the product may be wrapped around a column or wall, providing a look similar to full-dimension stone.

Thin veneer Indiana Limestone is a wonderfully attractive and cost effective building material that is the right choice in many situations.

  • The best, most durable lightweight stone option on the market
  • Available in smooth, tumbled stone and split faced surface finishes
  • 3/4"-1 1/4" typical bed depth
  • Requires no footing or foundation for installation
  • 100% natural stone – no aggregate or artificial colors needed to make it look natural
  • Can be installed directly over existing masonry (see installation for more details)
  • Installed with expanded galvanized metal lath
  • May be installed on non-load bearing walls or areas where full veneer may not be practical (gable ends, chimney chases, dormer windows)
  • Most economical material when shipping product long distances
  • average 135 square feet per ton (approximately 10-15 pounds per square foot)
  • average 3,000 square feet of stone per truckload
  • most masons can install at least 50 percent more thin veneer then full veneer in a day
lightweight limestone split faced veneer
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lightweight limestone veneer
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