Indiana Limestone Garden Steppers

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Limestone Garden Steppers

Limestone Garden Steppers are rugged, durable, and functional. Our steppers add an inviting touch to any landscaping area. Available in Gray or Full Color Blend genuine limestone, these steps elicit a feeling of permanence and simplicity.

Popular Sizing

Indiana Cut Stone Garden Steppers come standard with a split front, back and ends, with a sawn top and bottom. Available in both full color blend, each step is 6” tall and 16” wide. Garden Steppers are available in lengths of 3’, 4’ and 5’. Steps are packaged on a pallet for easy unloading.

Immediate Availability

Indiana Cut Stone offers immediate availability of our Garden Steppers. It’s easy to incorporate genuine limestone into your next landscape design.

Full Color Blend (FCB) – a combination of buff and gray in an unspecified percentage mix.

Gray – Light to medium shades of gray with some veining and grain movement visible in the face and fine to medium grained stone.