Limestone Surface Finishes

Indiana Limestone is available in a variety of surface textures. These textures are applied at the completion of the fabrication process as specified by the project documents. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding questions about available or custom surface textures for your Indiana Limestone project.


Indiana Limestone Circular Sanded Finish

The least textural of the standard finishes and presents minimum surface interruption. A smooth finish is popular limestone finish. Terms associated with a smooth finish are often called out as planer, honed, grinder, machine, bugged or circular sanded.


Indiana Limestone Sandblasted Finish

This Indiana Limestone finish is commonly used to match newly installed limestone materials with older limestone encountered during a restoration project. The finish can be applied to all aspects of newly installed material on commercial and residential projects as well.

Split Faced

Indiana Limestone Split Faced Finish

This finish is rough, uneven, concave-convex finish applied to Indiana Limestone. The rough natural appearance creates maximum light and shadow contrast. It is used for residential and commercial buildings alike on both interior and exterior to emphasize horizontal lines and create a massive appearance.

Machine Tooled

Indiana Limestone Machine Tooled Finish

This is an Indiana Limestone finish consisting of cutting parallel, concave grooves into the face of the stone. It is available in four, six or eight grooves to the inch. Machine tooling is used primarily on ashlar surfaces.

Rock Face

Indiana Limestone Rock Face Finish

This is an Indiana Limestone finish that has been dressed by hand or machine to produce a bold, convex projection along the face of the stone. This finish provides a bolder, more massive appearance than split face.

Tumbled Stone

Indiana Limestone Tumbled Stone Finish

Our beautiful tumbled stone is a perennial favorite for both residential and commercial customers. The gentle tumbled stone treatment imparts a unique and individualized character upon every stone. This natural finish elevates and refines every project with its natural beauty.