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Newsletter- June 2013

June 5, 2014

In this month’s issue…

Limestone Design Ideas

In this issue, we discuss Anchoring of Stone Veneers, Ernie sounds off on lead times, we have an all new Project Spotlight and we introduce 3 new products from ICS.


Get Your Anchors and Stone from One Source

Stone fabricators are usually suppliers of limestone only. They provide the stone with the required holes, slots,chases and sinkages for the anchoring system, steel, or other non-corrosive metal, but seldom provide the anchors themselves. This responsibility falls usually on the mason, the erector, or may be assigned by the general contractor, though the stone fabricator will assist in recommending anchor systems. It is standard practice for the architect to indicate generally the anchor system for each typical condition, including anchor type, size, and location, and to judge and approve or change the extension of that system shown on shop drawings. This is in line with standard practice and is not a result of applied engineering. The proper size and type of anchor depends upon design loads and specification requirements. The correct anchor type and size should be determined by engineering analysis which the Indiana Limestone industry does not provide as part of their contract without a specific prior agreement.


Limestone Construction

The term “anchor” refers generally to the straps, rods, dovetails and other connections between stone and structure. While most anchors are intended to maintain stones in their vertical positions rather than bear weight, certain anchors are structural and their use eliminates the need for other supports. All anchors in Indiana Limestone should be stainless steel, or other non-corrosive metal. In practice, anchors are embedded in the stone with mortar, sealant, or other non-expansive, stable material.


Supports by definition are not embedded in the stone, but support its weight. They may touch or be adjacent to the stone. Supports are typically A36 steel, but may be any metal of adequate strength. Supports should have at minimum (a) a shop-coat of rust protection, applied after forming and degreasing, and (b) a coat of compatible rust protection applied after supports are installed on the structure. Hot-dip galvanized supports are acceptable; SS supports are not required except under special circumstances. Any damage to these coatings as a result of installation work, cutting or drilling, must be repaired with a compatible rust protection coating.


Embeds may include plates with headed studs, angles with headed studs, adjustable inserts, etc. These will be malleable or galvanized malleable iron which will be embedded in concrete or cmu. No shop drawings/location drawings are furnished by the stone fabricator.

Limestone Anchors
limestone anchor supplier

Indiana Cut Stone fabricates some types of anchors and dowel pins. The anchors can be fabricated at our location and shipped with your stone order, eliminating wait time for the mason on the site. Contact Ernie for pricing and information:

There is an excellent article on Anchoring Stone Veneer in the May issue of Masonry Magazine: Click Here For Article

New Products

Indiana Cut Stone is pleased to offer 3 new products to our lineup:

Thin Veneer Split Face: Available in 3 course heights: 2-1/4”, 5” and 7-3/4”. Full Color Blend, Buff and Grey.

Thin Veneer Tumbled: Available in random course heights. Full Color Blend only.

The 3: 3” split material for dry stack. Full Color Blend only.

Ernie's Two Cents...

Stone Delivery Lead Times

When we quote a project, we give a lead time for delivery based on receipt of approved shop drawings and/or sequencing depending on the size of the project. Typically it is a 6 – 8 week time frame given and we make every effort to deliver within those target dates. This lead time is for the INITIAL load and not the entire project.

Limestone Fabricator Services

There are many steps in the fabrication process and when asked to shuffle the sequencing or move the fabrication schedule around, as you can expect – it causes delays. Unfortunately, we are not like Wal-Mart and do not have endless inventories of slabs and “blanked out” products for the picking. Each project is custom cut according to the specific project plans and specifications. Now while we try to be flexible and accommodate any requests, we also have to be realistic about the request and the impact the change will have in our fabrication scheduling.

I highly recommend getting the approvals and sequencing back in to our Drafting department as quickly as possible in order to avoid any delays. This will make a happy….happy…happy project for all.

Is there something in particular you want to hear Ernie sound off on? Let him know here:

Featured Project

Our featured project this month is the Texas Tech Student Wellness Center in Lubbock, Texas. Completed in 2007, the mason on the project was D & L Masonry out of Lubbock and the project manager was Bill Sisson.

Indiana Limestone Project
Limestone commercial supplier

Did You Know???

  • That ICS is a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)? Federal & state government projects typically have MWDBE project requirements. Check the specs for the project & let us know if we can help you meet that percentage goal. Click here to download copies of our WBE certification certificates from our website.
  • ICS offers a 2% early payment discount! Take advantage.