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Newsletter- First Quarter 2015

April 6, 2015

Some exciting additions to our website are currently in the works as well as a newly designed product catalog. Keep an eye out for our announcement once these items are completed and ready to be released!

As Spring construction kicks into high gear, we have a few pointers with regard to Storage & Handling of your Indiana Limestone materials:

Storage & Handling

Limestone Construction

Like many other construction materials, Indiana Limestone is heavy.  All workers unloading and/or handling  this material should be trained in appropriate and safe handling procedures and methods.

All Indiana Limestone should be carefully unloaded at the storage or building site by competent workmen.  The stone should be handled by such methods as will guard against soiling, mutilating or  chipping. Pliable sling belts of 3” or more in width should be used, and the belts should be of sufficient  length so that the edges of stone will not be under pressure great enough to cause chipping. All stone should be stacked on pallets or skids, clear of ground to provide protection from dirt stains. The stone should be covered with a clean tarpaulin, strong, non-staining waterproof paper, or polyethylene plastic, during extended periods of storage or when necessary to protect from damage.

When stone is stacked, the faces should be separated by non-staining skids. Only two skids per stone should be used and they should be placed one-fourth of the length of the stone from each end.  To prevent breakage, make sure the skids are placed directly above each other. Use wood skids made from cypress, white pine, poplar, or yellow pine that does not contain excessive amounts of resin. Do not use chestnut, walnut, oak, or other woods containing tannin. Do not stack stones to excessive height, so that the weight of the stone compresses the spacers and increases the possibility of damage to edges.

As always, a FREE copy of the ILI Handbook as well as other informative publications are available for download on our website. Download them here.

Common Questions

“Why does it take so long for my stone order to be fabricated?”

Typically, Indiana Cut Stone is busy year round & we run multiple jobs through at any given time. When we quote a project, we always give an estimated lead time. Those lead times are based on our projected work load at the time the approved shop drawings are received. These delivery dates are not guaranteed as it is impossible for us to keep up with all of the individual project schedules. More complex and larger projects obviously take longer than a small/simple project. Our entire team takes pride in their work and they want to ensure our materials are top quality and ready to install when it reaches your job site.

If your project has a specific time need, it is best to address that issue when the project is sent to us for pricing & not after the project tickets have been issued to the mill.

“What is the difference between rock face & split face?”

Often times we see specifications calling out rock face/split face. There are very distinct differences in the 2 finishes.

Split Face is a rough, uneven, concave/convex finish created by the splitting action of guillotine machinery. The stones are a specified thickness – normally 3-4” and are random in length – normally 1-4’ and sawn to specific course heights; 2 ¼”, 5”, 7 ¾” and 10 ½”.

indystone split face rock

Rock Face is a rough finish that has been dressed by hand to produce a bold, convex projection along the face of the stone.  This finish provides a bold, more massive appearance than split face.

Indystone rock face

“Is there something wrong with Variegated stone?”

NO.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with Variegated stone.  In fact, we like it the most as it shows the distinct coloring and natural characteristics of Indiana Limestone.  It is exactly the same in composition and structural soundness as Buff or Grey materials.  We wish architects would specify it more.

If you have a question/questions you would like answered; please submit them to and we will address them in an upcoming blog.

Feature Project

Our first quarter feature project is a beautiful private residence we’ve been working on all winter.  Located in Canada, this home exquisitely displays the fine craftsmanship of our entire team.  The main part of the house will be completed very soon with the landscape/hardscape portion to follow.

indystone rock face project


indystone feature project

Upcoming Events & Other Information


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Limestone for building

June is Limestone History Month in Southern Indiana.  There are many exciting events that take place during the month.  If you are interested in visiting during this time, the links below will keep you updated on all of the happenings including the popular Limestone Symposium!

Keep up with the happenings at the Indiana Limestone Institute and check out their blog here: