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Newsletter- First Quarter 2014

June 5, 2014

Custom Indiana Limestone Fabricator

Spring has finally sprung. Well, it’s trying to. As job sites start to fire up all over, let’s review a few very important items on how to receive, unload, store and handle Indiana Limestone at the job site. When these very simple pointers are followed, the end result will be a successful stone project for all.

job site Checklist

A. Upon delivery of materials

  • Check for any damage – cracked, chipped or broken pieces
  • Verify proper color, grade and finish
  • Verify identification marking, dimensions & anchor locations
  • Store in a protected area, OFF of the ground.

B. Before starting stonework

  • Storage – use sturdy pallets or A-Frames. Stack or lean stone panels with spacers so that air can circulate. Use half ball nylon pads or pine spacers. They should be as small a size as will support the weight.
  • Observe cold-weather setting procedures, as necessary.
  • Verify correct positioning and size of back up or framing and support.
  • Verify installation of damp proofing and flashing.

C. Mortar

  • Verify that the materials meet the standards specified.
  • Check mixing procedure for proper portions of ingredients and mixing time.
  • Use mixed mortar within time specified.

D. Metal accessories & anchors

  • Verify that materials meet the standards specified
  • Corrosion resistance requirements must be met.
  • Size & configuration of accessories must allow for proper adjustment.

E. Stone erection or placement

  • Stone laid in mortar
  • Stone set with shims or support frames
  • Weep holes at base of walls and over openings.
  • Full mortar joints.
  • No mortar droppings in air space between backup and stone.
  • Uniform mortar joint width.
  • Proper bond pattern of stone.
  • Cover tops of walls overnight, weekends and when raining.
  • Connections conform to detail drawings.
  • Remove temporary setting pads for soft joints between cut stone pieces.
  • Soft joint between building frame and stone.
  • In setting with shims, make sure sufficient shim material is placed to avoid point
  • loading the stone.
  • Cover top walls when rain is expected.
  • Verify proper horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • Keep walls clean.

First Quarter Happenings:

We have been very busy!

This first quarter brought several internal changes in the operation of our day to day business, things you will never see but will be vital to the production and the quality of your product. Our entire team is dedicated to your satisfaction and we want to hear from you. Upon the completion of your project, you will receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey. It would be greatly appreciated if you would take a few moments to complete it and return it to us. We want to know what we did wrong, so we can continue to improve your experience with us as well as what we did right so we can relay all of this information to our entire team.

In February, we participated in the Indiana Subcontractor’s Association Networking Event at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis. We were given the opportunity to showcase our fine craftsmanship and had the chance to meet some of you face to face. It was a terrific experience and a very productive day – we look forward to next year!

We have also been putting together a brand new design guide. This guide will give you all of the information you ever wanted to know about Indiana Limestone. It includes specific products, technical information, how to specify Indiana Limestone, information on our capabilities and features our finished projects. The release of this guide is slated for May 2014 – be on the lookout!!

Our website is also slated for a brand new look! Is there any information you would like to have access to or something you want to see on our site? We want to know – drop us a line:

ICS has also been re-certified as a WBE in the State of Indiana and is currently waiting for recertification with the WBENC. Additionally, we are completing the necessary paperwork to be certified WBE in the State of Kentucky. Let us know if we can help you meet any of your project goals in this regard.

Project Spotlight

Indiana Limestone Fabricator Residential

Our feature project for the first quarter is a private residence. This magnificent Tuscan style home features full bed depth Cherry Blend which can be purchased from Hickory Ridge Stone (, brought to life by our Indiana Limestone trim work, balustrade, columns and beautiful archways. The mason on the project is Southern Masonry LLC located in Crossett, Arkansas – headed by Sam St. John.

Kathy's 2 Cents.....

Indiana Limestone Services

As we bring to a close the first quarter of 2014, I must say it has been an interesting start to the year. Job leads are coming in fast & furious and we are very pleased to see the uptick in construction. While most of the news has been good, there have been a few wrinkles and although I’ve already publicly addressed this topic, I feel it necessary to reiterate to all of you that the bankruptcy of the largest raw material supplier of Indiana Limestone will have NO impact on our ability to supply our products and we will have no issues meeting our obligations. The Indiana Limestone industry has been around for many years and frankly, it is not going away. The demand for the product is very strong today and for the foreseeable future. The reserves are plentiful and the future is bright. One of my all time favorite quotes is: “Wake Up and Be Awesome.” And that is what we at Indiana Cut Stone will continue to do every single day.