3D Production Capabilities

What is 3D imaging?

3D Imaging, for our purposes, is the digital creation or duplication of a three dimensional surface. Computer software advances allow for 3 axis dimensioning giving depth to what was previously only two dimensional "flat" surfaces. The duplication process involves laser scanning of the subject, a co-joining and editing process and finally, the creation of the 3D surface.

Indiana Limestone 3D Carving

How do we use 3D imaging with Indiana Limestone?

The digitized 3D surface image, obtained either through a creative process as an original or through a duplication process, is converted to machine code readable by a CNC cutter (see image left). The CNC driven machine then cuts the program in the Indiana Limestone work piece using a variety of tooling. The end result is a piece of Indiana Limestone that is either semi-finished (ready for hand finishing) or a completely finished piece ready for shipment to the job site.

Perfect reproduction of 3D designs

Indiana Limestone 3D imaging

The image to the left shows the computer generated image after editing. The image on the right shows the finished product which has not been touched by human hand.